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Know your Trusts

Simply put, a trust allows you (the settlor) to entrust your assets (the trust fund) to the trustees for the benefit of your beneficiaries.

  • Absolute Trust
  • Discounted Gift Trust - Bare & Discretionary
  • Discretionary Trust - Settlor Included
  • Loan Trust - Bare & Discretionary
  • Discretionary Trust -
  • Lifestyle Trust
  • Excess Income Trust

We offer a range of services

We have access to qualified advisers all over the world who can understand all types of complex queries to ensure you are fully prepared for any potential tax issues but also in a position to protect your assets. ​

Trust planning

Reduce estate tax, control & protect family assets, distribute assets tax efficiently.

Pension Transfers

Clear and Transparent advice on UK pension transfers for Expats living outside the UK.

Inheritance tax planning

Learn how to reduce your 40% IHT bill.

UK & Us Share protection

Structuring of US and UK shares to ensure tax are reduced or removed.

Pension/Investment Reviews

Pension & Investment analysis, portfolio restructuring, cost reduction exercises.

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